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100 Loyal Faces Photography

100 Loyal Faces Photography
One of our gorgeous clients contact me with some of the most beautiful photos - and one of our collars was on her dog Pink! I asked a few questions and found that the photo session was part of a calendar raising money for resuce dogs and cats! I got in contact with Peta from 100 Loyal Faces Photography in Western Australia for the full story, and this is what she sent me....
"A few years ago I had the good fortune to meet a volunteer foster carer with SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanasia) down in Bunbury. Bunbury is a large regional town in Western Australia, about 2 hours south of Perth. 
This foster carer was an amazing person and she inspired me to think about what I do for my community. At that time, I did very little. I'd had a few attempts at doing volunteer work. I once helped out at a soup kitchen, but I had hot soup thrown on me by one of the homeless people (affected by sniffing glue) and I was too scared to do it again. I also tried dog walking for the RSPCA, but I had to give that up when I started to work full time. I’d thought about fostering cats or dogs, but with an elderly Labrador at home, I didn’t think introducing another animal into my home would be fair on her. 
So, I figured why not use my photography ability to raise money? I decided to block out three months of my year (during winter which is a quiet time) and dedicate it to photographing 12 cats and 12 dogs for a fundraising calendar. It takes up about 350 hours of my time. Participants in the fundraising calendar pay a very small fee to be involved (this year it was $200). For this fee the participants receive a fine art portrait session with me, 5 images from the session and a copy of the calendar. I donate the entire fee to SAFE (Bunbury). I don’t earn a cent from the project. In fact, I actually use my own money to provide a copy of the calendar to every participant. 
I love that I can use my talents, and what I am passionate about, to do something good for charity. Over the past 3 years I’ve gotten to know the team of people at SAFE (Bunbury) really well so I see how they use this money. They have become my friends and when I visit Bunbury, I try to catch up with them. The money I am raising is going towards making a huge difference in the lives of cats and dogs needing new homes. It also helps to reduce the unwanted cat population by contributing towards the costs involved in the sterilisation and microchipping of hundreds of cats. "
I know what calendar will be on my wall next year (I've pre-ordered 2!!)
Pink is so lucky to have found her new family - she's only slightly spoiled ;)

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