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Everything for a distinguished dog.

Biggles and Bailey is an Australian Made and Owned family business. All items are individually hand crafted in Sydney. You'll stand out from the crowd when your pet wears their Biggles & Bailey pet wear!

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We often get asked how we came up with the name "Biggles & Bailey"

Kramer was a foster dog who was resuced by a charity called Paws (www.deniseatpaws.com.au). He was given the name Bailey while in foster care but changed when we adopted him as a part of his fresh start in life. Kramer was approximately 8 months old.

Biggles was the name of a gorgeous beagle who lived next door to me as a child, but Biggles was an outside dog to his fathers, so at night Biggles would come in and visit as there wasn't a proper dividing fence between the properties.

A family member started to reffer to Kramer as Biggles, so we joined the names and Biggles & Bailey was born.

We remain eternally grateful to the wonderful ladies of Paws for bringing Kramer into our lives.

Our team

Kramer - Head Dog

We test our products on a range of dogs who are our official road testers. We like to test them in some of the worst environments we could including the beach. They swim, roll (sometimes in hideous dead things!) play in the mud and sand and salt water. We then rinse and wash them time and time again. We also love to listen to our clients and we take feedback to continually improve our products to maintain an exceptional balance of beauty and durability.

If you would like to provide us with any feedback or a testimonial, please email us at info@bigglesandbailey.com


Thank you for the beautiful collar, Zasha looks so regal when she wear it!

Jean NSW

Xinka says a big thank you to Biggles & Bailey for her new collar!

Hannah - NSW>

"Leo's such a smart boy in his Biggles & Bailey collar"

Jessica NSW November 2014

Moet, jim and kitkats walking leads arrived today. Just have to say thank you for how STUNNING they are all are and totally suit their personalities xxxxxxCan't wait for the rain to stop to show them off for walks along queen st xxx

Julie NSW

Maxwell James Scott was given a new Biggles and Bailey collar recently for his 12th birthday. He looks so fantastic that he can pull the ladies just walking down the street! This pic is with his Aunty Sarah but his charms work on all the ladies! Thanks B&B we love the quality of your collars and the funky designs. We are working on outfitting our whole crowd.

Amanda NSW November 9 2014

Ricochet in her Biggles and Bailey's collar
She has had this over a year and it has had hundreds of dips in the ocean and still looks fabulous

Allison NSW November 5 2014